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Website Build

January 19, 2019

At Cobe Media, we focus on building your website to its best potential. That includes a flexible design and structure that fits your needs while simultaneously delivering an exceptional user experience.
Our team designs your website to share your brand vision while perfecting the aesthetic and brand message. We'll build your website to fulfill your goals, whether that may be sales for e-commerce sites, sign ups and email subscribers, engaged readers, listeners, watchers, or anything you need.
We are your trusted advisors. By working with Cobe Media, you'll be treated with the utmost respect while receiving quality beyond your expectations. That's our standard. 
Brands cannot breathe without an online presence. The market since the popularity of Amazon has left retail stores without an online selling platform in the wind.
In this article, I am going to give you the reasons why having a well designed and functional website for your own personal brand and business if you don't already have one is very important for your growth. I'll describe why social media isn't enough, and regardless of what you do professionally, a website filled with content will benefit you in many more ways than you could think of.
Take Toys R Us for example or perhaps Toys Were Us which may be a more fitting name-is mentioned a lot throughout the e-com community for their complacency and disregard for the online market. They failed to prepare themselves for the future resulting in their permanent closing and a loss of oceans of potential. This is a sad story that many other companies can learn from. 
At the time, they couldn't foresee the events taking place from their indifference. Now, nearly everything consumers buy are from an online store or Amazon.
I won't bore you with statistics but if you're interested, click here and you'll find out how much people spent online last year in 2018, especially during birthdays, holidays, and other nationally recognized days. 
If you're not yet selling online, you must.
This doesn't only apply to e-commerce brands. This applies to everyone with something to offer. If you're reading this article, you most likely have something of value to offer people.
Here are a few industries in which people often don't have their own personal brand, yet the people who do are DOMINATING.
Realtors - You can build a website showing off your personal brand instead of being one of the hundreds of other realtors sharing profile space on your company's website. A website elegantly describing yourself, giving people (your potential customers) an idea of who you are by storytelling about your life and your love for real-estate is one way to authenticate yourself further. Include your listings and other essential information. Link pictures, your social media, blogs, and other content of value to send to your email list which you could build by having a non-intrusive signup form on your website that explains what they will receive, such as exclusive listings in their area, price drops or price gains or other information you could offer. 
Doctors/Dentists - Any medical or holistic-related practicing professional could greatly benefit from a website offering valuable insight and tips to live a healthier life. have your patients sign up to your newsletter. Post regular content that will be useful and give your patients reason to consult with you more often and at the least feel even more trusting than they may already be. Be the main doctor or dentist in town! Your voice should be louder! Yes, you may think there is no benefit of having a good looking website with regular tips and advice, but I'm sure your competition thinks the same way and that's why you are competition. The louder you are, and the more places you are seen while delivering consistent value will always give you the upper hand, more potential, opportunities, patients, referrals, and recognition. Maybe someone just moved to town and is looking for a new doctor. They'll inquire, maybe by asking their neighbors or searching online. However, by having the louder voice and being the best at what you do, you'll always win! 
Mom & Pop Shops - Many independent businesses rely heavily if not completely on their foot-traffic. These stores usually have the most unique and rare collectibles or just great products that are not always available online. The potential for these specific stores is enormous. You don't need a colossal inventory to sell online. Remember it's as simple as adding items that are in-stock and just adding more when they run out. It's much more simple than these store owners believe it to be. Unfortunately, they potentially lose out on many sales because of no online presence. For example, let's say a customer walks into your business and is ready to purchase a product but maybe the size is wrong or they want it in another color, or maybe they don't have enough money for it at the moment but will have enough money a few weeks down the road. By having an online store they wouldn't be burdened by having to come back. They would simply order it online after you email them that it's back in stock or when they're ready to purchase it themselves. This is also a way to make sure store visitors who are from out of town can still access your inventory at a later time when they're no longer there.
The benefits are endless and usually it's a relatively small upfront cost that will pay itself off faster than many people think. 
This principle of an online presence is useful and practical and profitable for anyone with something to offer. 
To name other people/industries who would greatly benefit from a well designed and organized website are:
  • Musical and graphic artists
  • Photographers
  • Construction 
  • Town Recreation 
  • Gift shops
  • Lawyers
  • Hedgefund 
  • Résumé writers
  • Authors
  • Consultants
  • Life Coaches
  • Therapists/Social workers
  • Small businesses
  • Caterers
  • Vintage & antique sellers
  • Homemade items
  • Hairdressers
  • Personal Trainers
  • Small gyms
  • Restaurants
  • Bakeries 
  • Meal-Prep 
  • Video editors
And if I spent all day thinking about this, I'd come up with a list 100x as long.
To reiterate, this article doesn't apply to the people and industries listed above who already have a beautiful website, I'm talking to you. The person, the business owner, the professional, and the individual who doesn't have this as a foundation. You may have a website, but maybe it's not doing you justice because it looks fishy or doesn't include any value for people. 
The takeaway from this article of why it's super necessary to have a website is that it should be showing off your best qualities and the service/product you offer because you do it best! On a website, you have room for more than social media. You could showcase anything and there's no character limit. As long as people are interested in what you have to offer, and the platform you are presenting yourself on is doing you justice, then your website will pay off. It could only help you. 
Become a brand. People trust people not companies. People who choose Apple products over Android are usually connected to Steve Jobs' and Steve Wozniak's story. People usually know who started Apple before they know who started the Android phone... Tell your story and get it in front of people. The future of your success will be so much greater by branding yourself early and taking the step before it's too late. And remember, don't judge your beginning to someone else's middle. You are where you are now. NOW it's time to grow!



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