Website Build

Website Build

January 19, 2019


Selling on Amazon can help your business reach millions of engaged online shoppers, yet a brand should have a “Home Base,” and that’s where your website comes in. A clean and professional looking website can increase trust among shoppers who do extra research before buying. Having your own website allows you to configure the user experience according to your brand’s needs.

There are many factors at play when it comes to website building.

Appearance and design that best represents your brand is important, however the technical work that is powering your website is just as if not more important. We focus on both matters equally, to set your company up for success and apart from competition.

Some of the many areas of focus include:

  1. Organizing content and data, and making it easy to navigate throughout your website. This is favored by Google, and plays an important role in how your search result appears to potential customers in Google’s complex search algorithm.

  2. Professional copywriting and flavorful product descriptions are essential. Most people are likely to NOT purchase from a website with poorly written content and descriptions that don’t identify a solution and/or a persuasive reason why they shouldn’t look elsewhere; like your competition.

  3. SEO that helps rank your website to relevant searches. Paid advertising is great for immediate awareness and results, however, good SEO work means long term satisfaction. It typically takes 6 months to a year for Google to properly crawl through your website’s data and determine its value to customers. The way Google works is they show the best and most valuable search results to people who are making relevant searches. In other words, if you search “Pizza restaurant in New York” you’ll notice there are over 320 million results and people usually never look past the first page. In order to rank high and be at the top of your competitors, it is important to optimize short and long term for best results. Organic traffic will save your company a lot of advertising dollars in the long run!

  4. Website functionality is also vital for both users and Google. When websites are laggy, customers drop off. Long loading time is an extremely unforgiving mistake that will cost you money. Let’s say your company is spending $2,500 on Google Ads per month with a CPC (cost per click) of $0.70 - $1.50, (depending on how competitive your keywords are) the traffic you are successfully bringing to your site will cost a lot, but that is fine if they are converting into sales, however, if your website is buggy and is lacking in its technical areas, then you’re essentially throwing your money into a drain.

  5. Website maintenance is priceless. When technology or basic company policies are outdated, it is important that there is someone on standby to fix and update information that is potentially off-putting to visitors. This applies for design as well. Making the design appropriate and welcoming during holidays for example is important for your brand’s image and customer loyalty.

Obviously there are plenty of more factors that tell the difference between a successful and profitable website and an unprofessional and unprofitable website. The details are boring, but the work is important. We are transparent in what we do, and will answer any questions that you have regarding building your website. We focus to determine and execute the best possible approach for your business. We do everything from A-Z, while you brush the worries away. Many website developers can take longer than 6 months for an average performing website. We promise no longer than 3 weeks upon agreement. Our team provides results. Please don’t hesitate to call or email us for more information regarding package plans, payments, and what we can do for your brand!

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