“ Never the Same Idea Twice

“ Never the Same Idea Twice"

March 06, 2019

There’s lots of change going on around us. Companies are losing public interest because almost all of them are doing the same things since social media has produced an awful trend of regurgitating the same content over and over again. Companies aren’t as creative anymore or differentiating themselves from everyone else, and they’re surely not keeping their vision crystal clear in their customers minds. Advertising should be fun and memorable, yet it has only become a nuisance and is rarely ever actually watched, and if it is, it’s not because of genuine interest. Companies are losing so much money everyday because the people running their facebook and youtube ads say its working. The truth is, everyone skips and mutes those expensive-to-make ads. No one is watching anymore, no one actually cares. Yet companies are still paying to have them run on major platforms that are robbing them of their money. To be clear, this doesn’t mean to say never run an ad on google, or snapchat, but perhaps separating your company would do some good.
Our method is never do the same idea twice. Ever. It’s our sacred philosophy. Copying because it works is a load of B.S. Innovating because you’re not the same as everyone else and creating ideas that stick is something we do best.
Think of a good movie you have watched in the past year. If it’s a movie you really enjoyed then you probably remember important points of it. Sometimes certain movies are so fascinating, it’s common for people to look up the movie after and read reviews and read about the actors etc…People quote lines they remember from movies that they haven’t watched in years. How many ads that you’ve seen today actually resonated with you? Could you repeat the message they tried to spread? I’ll bet zero, and even if you could, that’s one that you’ll forget about tomorrow.
Here’s the idea: No more useless ads. No more copying, no more regurgitating.
COBE MEDIA understands how annoying ads are for consumers. It is no longer the way to reach people. Instead, by working with us, we create something memorable for your company, we innovate ideas and execute these visions that will be remembered for years because we aren’t about doing the same thing twice. Your company has the right to stand out, and be a leader in your industry. There is no chance your competitors will keep up, we’re already 50 steps ahead. We are the future of marketing.
- Stay strong!


Customer Service is a Crucial Element of Sustainability
Customer Service is a Crucial Element of Sustainability

January 07, 2020

It’s a crucial element of sustainability.

Your customers are your oxygen supply. If they disappear, so do you.

What you do right for someone can come back many times more by a “different someone.”

Customer service breaks down into several categories:

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Business Goals for 2020
Business Goals for 2020

December 18, 2019

We all know the New Year gives us a rush of motivation, but more often than not, that heightened motivation is short lived. It makes sense that circumstantial motivation isn't real motivation and that's because it didn't come from within us. Instead it came from an external source. It's the same as a friend, co-worker, or internet guru giving you a buzz. Nothing will get done in the long term. 

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Jaw Dropping Results
Jaw Dropping Results

December 02, 2019

We all know that feeling when a friend or company promises that they'll do something for you but never follows through. 
People tend to prove that they're unreliable time and time again. Yet, often times we justify that we're human; and humans have flaws. We forgive and forget to have it happen all over again.
Why are people so unreliable? A friend might say that they'll be at a certain place at a specific time to help you out with that problem you're having, or a company promises to solve that issue or to have the expected results met on time, but to no avail. Why do we trust just to have our expectations let down? 

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