Jaw Dropping Results

Jaw Dropping Results

December 02, 2019

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We all know that feeling when a friend or company promises that they'll do something for you but never follows through. 
People tend to prove that they're unreliable time and time again. Yet, often times we justify that we're human; and humans have flaws. We forgive and forget to have it happen all over again.
Why are people so unreliable? A friend might say that they'll be at a certain place at a specific time to help you out with that problem you're having, or a company promises to solve that issue or to have the expected results met on time, but to no avail. Why do we trust just to have our expectations let down? I mean, I can't speak on behalf of anyone but myself, but I know I'm not the only one who has had this happen way too many times.
While it's easy to point blame and say it's the other persons fault when something goes wrong, absenting ourselves from any form of accountability, sometimes it's our own fault for not getting the job done. And sometimes it goes both ways. The variables are abundant, and the blame and disappointments are too. So why do we trust other people to help solve our problems? Okay, you may have had success with certain individuals in the past and you don't choose to live being suspicious of everyone around you (which is a much better way of life, despite the inevitable outcome.) But the truth is, when you get let down, it sucks. 
In my experience, the best way to get something done is to just do it yourself. I have learned that the hard way and I also had to learn many things to become autonomous and self-sufficient. But having said all of that, I also know I can't do everything myself, although I wish I could. Therefore the most effective route to positive outcome is to learn who you're dealing with. People make mistakes. People lie. People hurt. People are flawed. But people can also be uplifting, powerfully positive, stimulating, and helpful. Life forces us to navigate these waters ourselves to learn from both our negative and positive experiences, to hopefully reach our intended outcome. Lessons are a fact of life although they are exhausting and often times infuriating. 
Working at COBE MEDIA means we put our client's interest first. No matter what the task is, we're overachievers. We don't settle for *standard*. 
We build trust by empowering business owners and working together as a unit. Honesty and getting the work done right is the simple method of our operation.
We're here to help. Here to grow. Here to succeed together.
- Jason Acoca | Co-Founder/CEO @ COBE MEDIA 



April 21, 2020

- The greatest platform for E-commerce. Makes everything from A-Z simple and efficient.

- Freelance work for cheap. Be careful who you use, as everyone has a different skill set that may not translate over to other areas. For example someone who creates quick video animations may not be right for menu design.


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Fear is a Killer
Fear is a Killer

March 16, 2020

Fear is a killer and fear is a pandemic.

Fear fear itself.

In business and in life, the one thing that prevents positive change is fear.

The world cycles through new and old, phases through good and bad, repositions the “numbers ones,” gives weight to the light, and accelerates the persistent.

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Customer Service is a Crucial Element of Sustainability
Customer Service is a Crucial Element of Sustainability

January 07, 2020

It’s a crucial element of sustainability.

Your customers are your oxygen supply. If they disappear, so do you.

What you do right for someone can come back many times more by a “different someone.”

Customer service breaks down into several categories:

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