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Tips to Design Content to Gen Z.

One of the most effective methods to design and market content to Gen Z is to provide educational value that costs nothing. The Gen Z population appreciates easy-to-find knowledge and applicable advice at a moment’s notice. Technology has set the expectation for convenience and insight incredibly high. Gen Z’ers lack patience with technology, expecting good answers to their questions faster; making it more challenging to make a positive impression if your product or service requires a long explanation or it contains little or no value intellectually. Companies who are looking to make an impactful impression on the newer generation should be fast and educational with their content. Between all of today’s distractions and notifications, competing for attention won’t be easy, especially with so many companies crowding the same spaces. The better your brand educates and conveys insight while not eating up valuable screen time the better your chance at making a positive impact on those who matter. 

Before you publish your designs and content. Make sure it’s sprayed! 

This acronym will help your creation process aimed for Gen Z:

Speed - Consolidate information. Tell your story fast.

Popular - Piggyback tastefully off of trending topics, interests, and news stories.

Relevant - Empathize with your audience. Understand what they desire.

Awakening - Create content that opens up the mind with new perspectives. 

Youthful - Be engaging and stay young!

Educational - Provide insights and help your audience learn.

Different - Be fun and interesting, not the same and boring!