Fear is a Killer

Fear is a Killer

March 16, 2020

Fear is a killer and fear is a pandemic.

Fear fear itself.

In business and in life, the one thing that prevents positive change is fear.

The world cycles through new and old, phases through good and bad, repositions the “numbers ones,” gives weight to the light, and accelerates the persistent.

 Change is constant. Stagnation loses. Adaptability is the future.

Fear takes the form of many molds. And while fear is deeply embedded in human tendencies, the ability to cope and overcome is learnable and a valuable utility.

Understand the difference in what you have control over and what you do not.

Define what measures you’re willing to take in order to keep moving forward effectively.

Ultimately, surrender yourself to the universe and let your worries slide far away.

The world is working behind the scenes, making some necessary adjustments for reasons we don’t understand.

Always strive to be a better human being, treating people with kindness and compassion, measuring your success by the value you provide, and never letting fear compel you to make a mistake.

These are critical moments to reflect upon yourself, make necessary adjustments that you are in control of, and take the course of action that will benefit you and your loved ones for years to come.

“Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. The fearful are caught as often as the bold.”

—Helen Keller


Customer Service is a Crucial Element of Sustainability
Customer Service is a Crucial Element of Sustainability

January 07, 2020

It’s a crucial element of sustainability.

Your customers are your oxygen supply. If they disappear, so do you.

What you do right for someone can come back many times more by a “different someone.”

Customer service breaks down into several categories:

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Business Goals for 2020

December 18, 2019

We all know the New Year gives us a rush of motivation, but more often than not, that heightened motivation is short lived. It makes sense that circumstantial motivation isn't real motivation and that's because it didn't come from within us. Instead it came from an external source. It's the same as a friend, co-worker, or internet guru giving you a buzz. Nothing will get done in the long term. 

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Jaw Dropping Results
Jaw Dropping Results

December 02, 2019

We all know that feeling when a friend or company promises that they'll do something for you but never follows through. 
People tend to prove that they're unreliable time and time again. Yet, often times we justify that we're human; and humans have flaws. We forgive and forget to have it happen all over again.
Why are people so unreliable? A friend might say that they'll be at a certain place at a specific time to help you out with that problem you're having, or a company promises to solve that issue or to have the expected results met on time, but to no avail. Why do we trust just to have our expectations let down? 

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