Devising a brilliant strategy is the first step. It is the blueprint outlining the tasks that will ultimately lead your company to success. This means each step needs to be ultra-detailed providing in-depth insight and perspective. A brilliant strategy begins with understanding all there is to know about your product or service - how it works, and how your customers will benefit from it. Every business is different but every business needs to understand their values and develop a unique perspective on how to approach the world with your product/service.
All of the graphics and designs should be done right from the start with the intention in mind to stick out yet to be positively remembered by anyone who encounters your logo digitally or your physical product in-person. The goal is to define your brand as better than your competitors, which seems obvious, but depending on how your strategy is built, it will determine whether that goal leads to your success or your demise. Aside from visual representation of your brand, let’s talk about your mission; this also includes your vision.
To strategize, it’s vital to understand your purpose. Without purpose, there is nothing to work for. Building a strong company with dedicated employees who show up energized and perform well because they know they are important for the business will mean your business will live a long life. This stems from purpose, and your company needs that - a strong foundation.The world around us is constantly changing, and advertising goes through its transformations. Which ultimately is a good thing, because new ideas and creativity sprouts from the lack of creativity. As they say, people become rich when the market crashes. We believe that for advertising, and creative work. When you begin to notice things have been stale for quite some time, there’s always someone no one has ever heard of thinking of new ideas to spread and new inventions to create to better our world. People don’t like to be bored. It’s a natural discomfort. Humans will oftentimes go to great lengths to avoid boredom, and like anything else, advertising can become boring.
Advertisements about products and services can feel like an annoying person sitting right next to you who cannot draw a breath without speaking. According to Forbes and other recognized sources, on average a person is exposed between 4,000 - 10,000 ads each day, and yet few to none are ever really digested and remembered, just adding to daily frustrations. Ads are always interrupting, and people will actually resent companies for them even if the platform is at fault for overplaying them. More recently, advertising companies have been under scrutiny for invading people's browsing/searching habits, collecting data and using it to retarget and recommend more relevant ads based on your searches. For businesses that was and still is an effective strategy to some extent, but sometimes technology can fight other technology. For example, iphones and certain browsers can block advertisers from collecting the data they need to retarget, and since Facebook’s privacy breach that upset a large portion of its users that ended up in a hearing between Mr. Zuckerberg and Congress, and other similar events involving big companies exposed of major privacy breaching, concerns many people which leads to distrust and the creations of new technology that will battle the old ones until there is government intervention or one side winning the power.
To tie this back to devising a brilliant strategy, your brand must not rely on what everyone else is doing. What happens when Facebook is no longer what everyone uses, or when Instagram isn’t cool anymore. There will be new things that crush what is popular now, and you must ask yourself if you are prepared for that day. Many small businesses like Mom and Pop shops heavily rely on Instagram to reach customers and get more business, if Instagram would die tomorrow so would many businesses who have no Plan B. It’s scary how unbalanced and unreliable technology is. At any time it could fail us. It’s not likely going to happen tomorrow or even in the next two to three years, but eventually down the line maybe in 5-10 years we may be surviving in a whole new world.
Devising a strategy that will empower your brand now, and will secure its future in uncertain times is the only thing that truly matters. Without it, your business’s future is also uncertain. The art of selling something is the art of reaching someone's heart. Play a note that awakens a strong emotion like anger, sadness or happiness, and a connection will bind with your brand. Don’t sell, but rather introduce, almost like a matchmaker or middleman. Except it’s your product. By introducing, I mean presenting item or service “X” like a person or a friend that’s a pleasure to be around, and great company. Once they meet the item, they’ll see for themselves how it would be hard to live without. The goal is to reach one person who will spread your name like wildfire. Companies are too focused on spreading gasoline everywhere they could that they forget that all they need is one match.
Of course this doesn’t mean that by connecting with one person you’ll automatically generate 100 recommendations or sales, yet it’s the idea of having a product so good and a plan so well made, that advertising in massive quantities like what everyone is doing will be something somewhere in an outdated marketing textbook from the past. People don’t like to be sold to. The trick is to let them sell themselves. Ads are becoming less and less effective day by day. There is new science being made, and we want to tell you all about it.
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