CASE STUDY | Hankerwear

Our mission with Hankerwear was to create a brand that spoke to outdoorsy athletic women who didn't care for the luxurious price tag. Although some products were comparable to well-known high-end brands in price, there was still much room for those who required luxury quality without the expensive name. Our objectives were to build the website, identify the customer, build marketing campaigns, and manage the social media accounts from Instagram to Pinterest. 

We created engaging, aesthetically pleasing content and maintained consistency across platforms, building a following and leading customers through a memorable experience. Hankerwear is now focused on athletic apparel, however, prior to 2019, Hankerwear was a men's and women's affordable fashion company that sold many different products that are now discontinued. 

Our mission remained the same even through the company's dramatic shift in niche. We rebranded the website, updated the enormous amount of product information and photography, and devised a fresh marketing strategy to reach a completely new customer. 

It's rare for a company to switch models in a sudden fashion, however, we worked together to reach the goals we set and we achieved each one.

Presently, Hankerwear is working on big ideas with us that we aim to achieve in the near future.