CASE STUDY | Eyepal Vision

The "vision" for Eyepal Vision was to first redesign their logo. Their original logo had an outdated look and wasn't doing the brand justice. Our team redesigned the logo and gave it a much more modern and catchy look. The next objective was to build its website. We wanted something practical and not overwhelming. Our designers came up with a modern and clean look that showcased the products without the extra distractions. We built a user and search engine-friendly website with modern e-commerce in mind. Our next step was to tackle product photography and render the images to an amazingly high definition to give the customer exactly what they want as well as meeting Amazon's requirements. In just under two weeks we became a #1 New Release, which is an impressive achievement considering the short timeframe and the ultra-competitiveness of blue light blocking glasses at the time. We set up email marketing campaigns for the brand to take over in-house as well as building the social media accounts to a point where they would also be handled in-house. We achieved all of our goals in design, functionality, branding, and building an e-commerce infrastructure across multiple platforms.